Remote Operated 12v Ball Valve

Remote Operated 12v Ball Valve

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Remote 12v Full Flow normally closed ball valve to isolate the Diesel Dipper when not running.

Taking power from the Diesel Dipper, the valve opens as the Dipper starts and closes automatically when power is removed or the Dipper is stopped.

Valve comes with feedback wiring if required to indicate when the valve is open or closed.

Four valves can be used to easily configure the use of one Dipper across two tanks.

Supplied as a kit:

  1. 12v N/C full flow ball valve
  2. 3/8 BSPT x 10 mm tube straight fitting
  3. 3/8 BSPT x 10 mm tube elbow fitting
  4. 3/8 BSPP hose tail to suit 10mm ID fuel hose.
  5. 3/8 Bonded seal
  6. 3ml Tube of Loctite 243 "Lock n Seal"


24v available.