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Diesel Duck®

Diesel Duck®

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The best diesel separator and fuel polishing system now available in a portable case. The Diesel Duck® is designed to remove free & emulsified water, and other contaminates (sludge) down to 2 microns from your fuel tank.




  • Light weight (11kg), fully automatic, & self-contained
  • 12 Volt, 15 Litres per minute pump
  • Up to 1 hours continuous battery operation (rechargeable)
  • Washable stainless-steel filters (zero consumable parts)
  • Easy-to-use quick release fuel hoses (supplied)
  • Simply carry on-board, connect & leave to work
  • Dimensions: 390mm (H) x 500mm (W) x 190mm (D)


More details and videos on our Website:




£1,200 = Deposit

£480PW = Rental


To rent the Duck please contact us

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