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Diesel Dipper®

Diesel Dipper®

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Why do I need a Diesel Dipper and what is it?


  • Do you worry about the state of the diesel in your tank?
  • Do you worry about your engine stopping when you most need it?
  • Have you found water and black stuff in the bowl of your separator filter?
  • Do you worry about having Diesel Bug?


If the answer to any of them is yes, then read on...


The patented Diesel Dipper, invented and manufactured by us, is a bypass fuel tank cleaner, independent of the engine fuel system. Developed specifically for smaller vessels, yachts, fishing and work boats etc.


Deep sea ships use the same diesel as you but they have a room specifically for fuel purifiers to remove the water.

The Diesel Dipper performes this same function on smaller vessels.


The Dipper starts when the engine starts and sucks from the very bottom of the fuel tank whilst you are at sea and underway. With all that water, sludge and diesel bug sloshing about  it eventually comes into contact with the suction to the dipper, even from behind the baffles (see the demo video). This water and sludge is then easily removed by simply opening the drain cock on the Dipper


I already have a separator?

Good, keep it. But it's designed to protect the engine and has a filter and that's the filter that blocks when all the tank sludge kicks up from the bottom. The Dipper stops the sludge happening in the first place.


Fuel tanks typically suck from 20mm above the bottom of the tank because the bottom of the tank is where the sludge and water is. The problem is they don’t give a way of getting it out so it builds up. When you see water/sludge it in your separator you have a much bigger problem below the suction!


A vessel fitted with a Diesel Dipper clearly shows the owner/operator is serious about maintenance and demonstrates due care in ensuing the fuel tank is kept clean and fit for purpose.


We have seen boats for sale declaring  a Diesel Dipper fitted, that immediately gives confidence to any new owner that you care about maintenance so increasing it's value.


With a 12v DC pump (24v available) and connected to start when the engine is running it will gently suck up everything off the bottom of the tank giving piece of mind that filters will not suddenly block and stop the engine as the boats starts to pitch and roll in the sea.


The top reasons for call outs by the RNLI was engine problems and the top problems amongst those were contaminated fuel and blocked filters stopping the engine. See this article from PBO 


Manufactured from Stainless Steel and fully guaranteed it requires no consumable filters and we were awarded a patent in 2020. Over 300 sold naionally and internationally.


To isolate the Diesel Dipper from the fuel tank when not running a normally closed automatic motorised valve. is available. This is simply plugged into the Jack plug socket provided on the Dipper and operates as the Dipper is switched on.


Does Not Include Hose Tails Available Here:

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