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Diesel Dipper® Purifier

Diesel Dipper® Purifier

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The next evolution of our bestselling Diesel Dipper®!


This fuel separator system has an added water & particulate filter, designed to remove emulsified water and debris up to 10 micron. In effect turnng the tank cleaning Diesel Dipper into a complete fuel purifier and fuel polishing unit.


Attached to the filter is a visual flow indicator, so you always know if the system is working as intended and when to replace the filter.


The Dipper Purifier is the only system capable of removing free, suspended, and emulsified water & sludge from the bottom of your fuel tank.


Perfect for anyone who uses diesel, especially those suffering from “hazy” or “cloudy” diesel.

It comes equipped with a 12v pump (24v available), making it suited for any size fuel tank. Use it to remove the water & sludge from diesel being stored in tanks or to maintain the diesel you have on board.


This system is fully independent from the engine and works best when you are at sea pitching and rolling, as all the contaminates become stirred up and are easily sucked out.


Gives total peace of mind in maintaining the fuel to the best possible condition and always fit for service.. 


Does Not Include Hose Tails Available Here:

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