DieselAid LDB

DieselAid LDB


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DieselAid® LDB is blended to counter the effects of modern day diesel. Treat rate is 1 litre per 4000 litres.

DieselAid LDB contains:


  • Lack of lubricant
  • Lacquering and Gumming on injectors
  • A biocide to kill Diesel Bug before it can become a problem.


Modern Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel refining techniques removes the lubricant or “oilyness” essential to stop pumps and injectors wearing. The oil majors are supposed to replace the lubricant with a “lubricity” additive. But it costs money so they put the absolute minimum in. The L in LDB ensures there is enough lubricant. Have you had injectors fail prematurely, this could be why?


Modern diesel leaves deposits in the form of lacquering and gumming on injectors, another reason for early failure and smoking. The D in LDB is a detergent that has past the DW10 and the XUD-9 common rail fouling test. Guaranteed to leave your fuel system clean and functioning.


With no sulphur in the diesel anymore we add a Biocide to kill diesel bug before it can take hold. The B in LDB is a broad spectrum biocide and has Engine manufacturer approval.

Dose rate is 1 litre for every 4000 litres of Diesel.


What’s happened to modern diesel? See our you tube channel here: https://youtu.be/HmOoLEsleEI


Who needs this?

Fishing boats, workboats and those who use large quantities of diesel.


More Info: DieselAid LDB Product Data Sheet