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DieselAid® LDB

DieselAid® LDB

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1 litre treats 4000 litres of Diesel


DieselAid® LDB is blended to counter the effects of modern, aka Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD):


  • Lack of lubricity 
  • Lacquering & Gumming on injectors
  • Microbial contamination


ULSD refining techniques removes the lubricant or “oilyness” essential for stopping pump and injector wear. The oil majors are supposed to replace the lubricant with a “lubricity” additive, but it costs money so they put the absolute minimum in. The L in LDB ensures there is enough lubricant - if you had injectors fail prematurely, this could be why.


ULSD leaves deposits in the form of lacquering and gumming on injectors, another reason for early failure and smoking. The D in LDB is a detergent that has past the DW10 and the XUD-9 common rail fouling test. Guaranteed to leave your fuel system clean and functioning.


With no sulphur in the diesel anymore we add a Biocide to kill diesel bug before it can take hold. The B in LDB is a broad spectrum biocide and has Engine Manufacturer Approval.


Dose rate is 1 litre for every 4000 litres of Diesel.


Who needs this?

Fishing boats, workboats, and anyone using large quantities of diesel.


What’s happened to modern diesel? See our YouTube channel here:


More Info: DieselAid LDB Product Data Sheet

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