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Stop worrying about your diesel...

Air Filtration


Water Separators & Diesel Additives

MarShip offers a range of solutions that remove water and sludge without filters. We also offer a comprehensive range of DieselAid fuel treatments for Diesel Bug, FAME, and Asphaltenes.

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Oil is a very precious and expensive resource!

Take care of your oil and start saving money with MarShip's award-winning EDI Lube Oil Purifier. Our purifier extends the life of your oil by a minimum of 4x. Not to mention, it pays for itself in two oil changes!


Stop using gauze filters and start saving fuel!

Our filters are washable, pleated, and reinforced. They capture up to 600% more dirt and eliminate cleaning the charge-air-cooler. They are easy to fit, long-lasting, and custom made for turbocharger or panel filters.

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